How Intuition can help your son or daughter in primary school


Your child will follow a personalised plan based on their particular strengths and weaknesses. We will design this plan firstly to enable them to fill in any gaps in their skills and then to tackle new topics with confidence.


Working online via Zoom, your child will make rapid progress and very quickly gain confidence.  In meetings with the tutor along with one or two other students, each student works on their own study plan so there is no sense of trying to keep up with the others or feeling left behind. They can learn at their own speed, but also enjoy the company of others.


Why is this better than 1-to-1 tuition? 


Working in a small group like this has three big advantages:

  1. Learners get used to seeing other people asking for help so they become more comfortable to do the same.  This willingness to ask for help then transfers to the school classroom which boosts their learning there too.
  2. The tutor is not 'breathing down their necks' all the time so your child will be more relaxed while they learn.
  3. Each student has plenty of time for the 1-to-1 teaching that they need and time to practise the skills with the support of the tutor if they get stuck.

What happens next?


Phone Heidi on 01475 789387 and she will take some details from you and answer any initial queries that you may have. Then Heidi will arrange a time for you to have a chat with one of our tutors via Zoom to decide how best we can help.