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Whether we like it or not, we all need to pass maths.

 If your child is going into S4 and is in a National 5 maths group in school, but is not 100% confident of passing, we can help.


More that just having a maths tutor, your child will have help with managing their study online throughout this vital year to make sure that they are ready to succeed in May.


With the Intuition system your child will receive:

  • one hour per week intensive tuition with a qualified and experienced teacher along with one other student.
  • Copies of relevant text books and past exam papers for revision.
  • Their own 'dashboard' to monitor their progress.
  • Unlimited email support from their tutor.
  • 5 practice tests under exam conditions.
  • 5 parent/teacher meetings.
  • One full morning or afternoon session (3 hours) face-to-face with their tutor along with 3 other students during the Easter holidays for exam preparation.
  • A portfolio of work built up as evidence for the SQA in the event of examinations being cancelled again due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • Your money back in the highly unlikely event that your child does not pass.

The programme will start in August 2020. The date will be confirmed once we know what the arrangements will be for schools reopening and will run through to the National 5 maths date in 2021.

The programme fee is £295 per month.


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