Online National 5 Maths Tuition

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Is your son or daughter in S4 at the moment?


Do you want to make sure that they are ready for their National 5 maths exam next year?


Are you worried about the work that they will need to do to catch up before the exams?


When the schools return, the students that will be the S4 year group will have a lot of catching up to do in all of their subjects. If you think that your son or daughter might struggle to catch up with the work that they are missing in time for their National 5 maths exam in 2021, we can help. Why not help them to make the most of their spare time just now to make sure that their maths skills are in great shape ready for their return to school?


But my child's school is teaching them online just now anyway. 


The schools are working really hard to help their students to keep up to date with their learning at this vital stage in their school lives.  Some students will be able to learn their maths in this way, but for others more intensive tuition makes a massive difference.  For those youngsters who will benefit from the confidence boost that comes from 1-1 help from a qualified teacher, we are here for you.  Via Zoom our tutors are able to help your son or daughter in a realtime, face to face session using the text books they use at school. They will have individual time with the tutor and are able to chat directly with their tutor.


How does it work?


Traditionally, Intuition has provided maths and English tuition to children of all school ages in small group settings. Obviously, these are not operating at present but most of our students are continuing to benefit from our online tuition. Using a combination of ZOOM, shared documents, textbooks and online resources such as SQA past papers, our teachers are finding that online tuition is just as effective as face to face teaching. We are also finding that a lot of teenagers prefer this kind of tuition.


Sounds great, can I give it a go?


Of course, just give Heidi a ring and she will arrange a time for you to chat with one of our tutors about your son or daughter’s situation and you can then take it from there.  The first session will be free while we set up the system with you and you get used to working in this way.  After that, we will send copies of the text books to you, arrange one or two meetings each week, set homework for completion and you can watch your child's confidence grow.