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National 5 and Higher English tuition

Helping students achieve success


A good grade in National 5 or Higher English is essential for access to university and a professional career.  Unfortunately, many people find English difficult, often because of a lack of confidence in their own writing and analytical skills.


If your child is nervous about being able to pass their English exams, or they are struggling to keep up with the curriculum and you want to help, give us a call. We will get them back on track with our online, personalised sessions.


The key areas in which we help our students: 

  • Critical reading
  • Understanding, analysis and evaluation 
  • Essay planning & structure
  • Creative writing
  • Portfolio building

Our tutors specialise in National 5 and Higher English learning. They will help your teenager gain the skills they need and build confidence in their abilities.


How we help your teenager prepare for their exams: 

  • Our specialised tutors will support  them while they practice on past papers. 
  • We will teach them how to revise effectively.
  • We will make sure that they understand exactly what the examiners expect.

Familiarity with the format of the tests and understanding how they will be marked gives a huge boost of confidence to students and helps them to feel less nervous on the day.


To find out how we will help your son or daughter to reach their potential in the exams (or ongoing assessment in 2021), call Heidi on 01786 897008 and remember, the first session is free.