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National 5 and Highers


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National 5 and Higher qualifications are the keys to higher education.

 In most cases National 5 maths and English are basic requirements to any path your child will follow.iA good grade first time round will give them easier access to their choices.


Our National 5 and Higher sessions have tutors specific for these levels of learning as we understand the significance of success in these subjects. Our tutors can deliver these sessions via Zoom providing face to face, real time tuition.


 Preparing For Exams

 Here at Intuition we understand what you are all going through. Taking exams that are so crucial is very demanding not only on your child, but on you as a parent and the rest of the household. 


For a lot of students, it is a case of knowing that they are doing their work correctly and to be reassured of this gives them the confidence to succeed.


We can help your child to: 

  • understand how to revise.
  • be in the right place mentally to study and help them understand what will be expected of them from the exams.
  • be prepared in the specific areas they need support to gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed.
  • Have practise doing National 5 and Higher past papers under the guidance of a tutor who specialises in the subject.

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