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National 5 and Higher English online tuition

Helping students achieve success


The senior years can be challenging, as the level of literacy expected of teenagers increases significantly. Tackling National 5 and Higher English is essential to gaining access to college or university.


If your child is nervous about passing their English exams, or they are struggling to keep up with the curriculum, they may need a little help. We can get them back on track with our online personalised sessions.


The key areas with which we can help:


  • Critical reading
  • Understanding, analysis and evaluation 
  • Essay writing
  • Creative writing


Our tutors specialise in National 5 and Higher English learning. They will help your child gain the skills they need and build confidence in their abilities.

How we will help your teenager prepare for their exams:


  • Our specialised tutors will allow them to practice on past papers 
  • We will teach them how to revise effectively
  • We will explain exactly what is expected of them by the examiners


Getting familiar with the tests’ formats and understanding how they are marked gives a huge boost of confidence to students and helps them feel less nervous on the day.


Try our online National 5 and Higher English tuition programme; the first session is free. Call Heidi on 01786 897008 to book your session.