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Why do children have tuition at primary school level?

 Your child learns the essential, foundation maths skills at primary school that they will build on later in their school career and beyond.  A little time and money invested to help now will be a huge boost for your child's success and happiness. 


I struggled with maths in school, now my child is struggling too. 

 Do you remember finding maths tricky when you were at school? Do you now find it hard to help your child with their maths? If so, you're not alone, but our expert tutors are here to help.


How will Intuition help my child? 

 Your son or daughter will get a strong foundation in numeracy skills,  mastering  the basics in:


  • adding
  • subtracting
  • multiplication
  • division

If you child has any gaps in their learning, their tutor will ensure they gain understanding of these concepts to ensure they can build on these. They will gain confidence in their own abilities and be ready for the challenge of new topics.


Via Zoom, we are able to provide face to face, realtime tuition, so your child can talk to the tutor directly and the tutor will be able to give your son or daughter the individual attention they need to help them with their learning.


What do I do now?

 Give Heidi a call on 07985332008 and arrange a time to meet up online and have a chat with one of our tutors. This will give you the opportunity to share your concerns about your child’s progress and discuss future plans. If you would like to go ahead with tuition, we then arrange a regular time for your child to meet up with their tutor online to help them progress.


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