S3/S4 Tuition for National 5 Maths

Get Help As Soon As You Can


You know how your child will benefit from getting a great grade first time in their maths exam. 


You also know how much difference a little bit of extra help can make especially if you are not too sure about maths these days.


Don’t Leave It Too Late


Next May your son or daughter will be planning to take their National 5 maths exam. This will come around so quickly.


Some people wait until after their pre-lims in December or January before asking for extra help. This is okay for some, but for many it is too late as they are already feeling under pressure and find it more difficult to revise and improve when they are feeling stressed.


Steady And Confident


Other students decide to seek support a bit earlier, often before the end of third year. This allows them to build a sound understanding during fourth year, the pre-lims are a part of the steady progression throughout the year and when the final exam comes along in May they are confident and aim for an A or a B, not just a pass.



If you would like to find out more about how we can help your child build their knowledge of maths with confidence, call Heidi on 01475 568 631.