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Boost your child's maths skills before their exam years.


Maths tuition for S1-S3

Pupils' achievements in maths are like building a house.  The foundations are laid at primary school, the walls are built in S1-S3 and finally the exam qualifications are the roof that goes on in S4/S5.


 What if the foundations are wobbly? 

Our experienced maths tutors will boost your child's skills and build their confidence. They will find and plug any gaps in your child's learning and make sure that they have a rock-solid base upon which their new skills can be built.


Rapid Progress

You will find that your child will soon gain confidence and move into a higher maths group. This can seem daunting at first but the tutor will help them to really understand and practise their new skills so they will thrive in school. By the end of the third year, your child will have done everything possible to make sure they get their best results in fourth year.


How do I know if my child would benefit?

We can arrange for you and your son or daughter to have a chat via Zoom with one of tutors to see where your child is up to and how we can help your child. They can even do a quick, informal assessment to give even more clarity about their needs, if this is what your require.


At the end of this first meeting, you and the tutor will discuss and agree the best course  of action to help your child. 


So what do I do now? 

To set up a meeting with the tutor, give Heidi a call on 07985332008 and she will answer any initial enquiries that you may have and arrange a time and date for the meeting via Zoom. This way you can get to see how online tuition works and how we can help your child. 

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