Face-to-face tuition with qualified teachers online.

Primary school maths tuition

Build strong foundations and confidence in maths.


Three reasons why it is essential for your child to have sound maths skills from an early age:


          1.  Your child's confidence; this helps them to enjoy school and have a positive approach to their learning.

          2.  The nature of maths means that each new topic builds upon prior learning; success in high school depends upon the foundations that were built in primary school.

          3.  Along with English, maths is viewed as an essential subject by most employers, colleges and universities.




Is your child in P5, P6 or P7?


We find that many parents arrange for their children to have some extra maths tuition when their child is in one of the later primary years.  This proves to be a great help because it ensures that there are no gaps in their child's skills when they start high school so that they can look forward to starting their new school with confidence.


The key areas where we will help your child:

  • The basics of adding, subtracting, multiplying and division
  • Times tables
  • Negative numbers
  • Problem solving with time & money
  • Fractions, percentages & decimals
  • Algebra


Face-to-face primary school maths tuition will help your child to become more confident, improve their grades and enjoy school. Our qualified, experienced teachers will tutor your child in the topics required in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

How it works


Initially, your child's tutor will identify your child's strengths and weaknesses and develop a flexible study plan for them. This tailored plan will close any knowledge gaps your child may have and build on their skills. 


Once the plan is finalised, your child will receive:

  • Weekly face to face tuition sessions via Zoom
  • Copies of the relevant Teejay text books through the post
  • Homework after each session to reinforce that week's learning

To find out how your child will quickly build their maths confidence, call Heidi on 01786 897 008 to book their free first session.


Olivia, P6


Olivia's mum felt that she was struggling to read at the level of her age group. A few lessons with an Intuition tutor brought her back up to speed.

 However, her tutor spotted that where Olivia needed help more was with her understanding of maths. We tutored Olivia until her S2 year, when, after a lot of hard work, she could tackle any maths problem she came across. Olivia completed her National 5 Maths and English successfully and went on to study higher maths.