P4-P7 Maths Tuition Online


Is your child in P4, P5, P6 or P7?


We find that many parents arrange for their children to have extra maths tuition when their child is in their last few years of primary school.  This proves to be a great help as it ensures that there are no gaps in their child's skills when they start high school, so they can start their new school with confidence.


The key areas where we help your child are:

  • the basics of adding, subtracting, multiplying and division
  • times tables
  • negative numbers
  • problem solving with time & money
  • fractions, percentages & decimals
  • algebra


Our  Zoom sessions for primary school maths tuition will help your child become more confident, improve their grades and enjoy school. Your child's qualified, experienced teacher will tutor your child in the topics required in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.


How it works


Initially, your child's tutor will identify your son or daughter's strengths and weaknesses and develop a flexible study plan for them. This tailored plan will close any gaps in their knowledge and build on your child's skills. 


Your child will then receive:

  • one hour, face to face tuition sessions via Zoom each week
  • copies of the relevant TeeJay text books to use during each session, guided by their tutor.
  • homework after each session to reinforce that week's learning and build their confidence in that topic.



To find out how your child will quickly build their confidence in maths,

call Heidi on 07985 332008.

Ewan P6

'Ewan has been so pleased with Richard's help.  He thinks Richard is great and very good at explaining things through.  He can see the difference and so can his teachers.  Big thank you to Richard.

Mrs M, Ewan's Mum, Kincardine