Tuition in Maths for Primary 6 and  Primary 7


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 Of course, all parents try hard to help their children to learn the skills that they need, however, for various reasons, this doesn’t always work too well. For this reason, we find that lots of parents approach us at this time in their children’s school lives for some help and reassurance.  


How can Intuition help?

Our experienced primary and secondary teachers know exactly what your child needs to know at this stage.  They also know exactly how to help them to achieve this. Working online using Zoom our tutors will be able to help your child face to face in realtime to quickly gain those essential skills and be well prepared for the big move to the new school.


What do I do now?

 Give Heidi a call on 07985332008 and arrange a time to meet up online and have a chat with one of our tutors. This will give you the opportunity to share your concerns about your child’s progress and discuss future plans. If you would like to go ahead with tuition, we then arrange a regular time for your child to meet up with their tutor online to help them progress.

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