National 5 and Higher Maths Tuition

National 5 Maths Tuition


We have two options for helping your son or daughter get a great grade at National 5 maths. 



Our 5 Step National 5 Maths Coaching System


Our Traditional weekly sessions



Helping Students Achieve Success


If your son or daughter is planning to move on to Higher Education after they have finished school, it is essential that they have passed their National 5 maths and English. When it comes to approaching National 5 maths, we find that students often fall into one of these groups:

  • students who always found maths to be ok but they want to get a grade A at National 5 and then go on to Higher maths afterwards.
  • people who have never been too keen on maths and they just need to get National 5 maths so that they can concentrate on their other subjects in 5th and 6th years.

Either way, weekly tuition will help your teenager to achieve their goal and gain the qualification that they need.  


Traditional Tuition

Our traditional tuition sessions of one hour each week concentrate on the academic side of your child's requirements such as covering topics they find challenging and possibly filling in any gaps that may have occurred to ensure they are prepared for whatever exam questions they are faced with.


National 5 Maths Coaching System

Our Coaching System combines the traditional tuition with a daily coaching system by providing a daily portion of maths to help your son or daughter build up their confidence and skills at their own pace with contact with their tutor to support them in this. Each week they will have: 

  • a one-to-one online meeting with their tutor to discuss this week's topic.
  • a bespoke video to explain the topic and exercises to complete.
  • work to be submitted to their tutor. 
  • the work assessed and the student will receive personalised video feedback.
  • further exercises if necessary to consolidate their learning.

The Coaching System provides them with a daily task of about twenty minutes, which can fit in and around all their other activities. Their tutor is available to give them extra support if needed.


From our own experience of having teenage children going through their exam years, we appreciate how hard it is parents to keep this momentum going, especially if you are the one having to do the 'reminding'. The students will be accountable to their tutor for handing in their work, so it is one less worry for parents.   


These personalised video lessons and feedback allow your child to build up a revision library which they can refer to as often as they need without having to struggle to remember what was done in each tuition session.


The Coaching System will help your son or daughter to build a mind set towards studying and can be applied to other subjects too, so they will know how to study and manage their time instead of just being told to 'revise' when they do not really know how to. 

The key areas in which we help our National 5 students are:

  • Algebraic operations/changing the subject
  • Geometry and bearings
  • Trigonometry
  • Standard deviation
  • Surds and indices
  • Vectors
  • Compound interest
  • Algebraic Fractions
  • Pythagoras
  • Quadratic function
  • Simultaneous equations


  The Big Leap

For many students there is a huge difference between National 5 maths and Higher maths. It can be quite a surprise for some to find that they are struggling in a subject which is usually their strength.  It can also be difficult to ask for that extra bit of help in school, especially when expectations are high. 


Higher maths is a year of intense study and we appreciate the leap in understanding that this requires.  We can help your teenager regain their confidence and take on these challenges. 

 Their tutor will focus on the specific topics your teenager needs support in and ensure that your son or daughter is confident in all areas of the curriculum.


Practise Makes Perfect


By the time of their exam (or ongoing assessments), your son or daughter will have practiced all of the past papers applicable, revised thoroughly and be fully prepared and confident ready to achieve success on the day.

‘Kieran S4

'Heidi and Richard have encouraged our son to have confidence with his maths. He now enjoys the subject once more, especially as he got a grade A in National 5 maths. The online teaching proved a fabulous bonus for us as we are both key workers. Thank you both so much.'

Mrs A, Kieran's Mum, Inverkip