Maths Tuition

 Largs, Greenock, Helensburgh and Irvine






 We started the sessions to improve our son’s maths, who was in the bottom group and was miserable.  Within the year of being with Intuition, he didn’t just move up, but he is now in the top class and delighted. His confidence is now right up there -

Mission accomplished!'                   

Mrs T, Wemyss Bay.







Primary Maths


 Strong Foundations


All maths is built on the foundations of adding, subtracting, multiplying and division. A good understanding of these basics will help your child be confident and successful in more complex tasks that will follow. 


Mind The Gap


If your child has gaps in their basic understanding of maths, now is the time to act. Ensure that your child has these basic number skills as during their primary seven year they will be preparing for the expectations of high school, where their abilities will be reflected in which maths groups they are placed and later what exams they are eligible for.


How we can help:

  • We will give your child the time to build their knowledge of topics by practicing their skills and re-enforcing their understanding until they feel confident in each area.
  • Whatever they may view as a hurdle we can help them overcome and they will be ready to face the new challenges knowing that they 'can do' maths.
  • We will fill the gaps in your child's knowledge and ensure they have strong foundations in their understanding of maths.

Secondary Maths



Move On Up


Secondary school maths is very different from primary and can be a bit of a shock to both pupils and parents alike.  Problem solving rather than 'sums' can be quite daunting. 


Preparing The Way


Many high schools now stream their pupils according to their ability in maths quite early on in preparation for National 4 and National 5 examinations.

Your child's confidence can easily be knocked if they find themselves in a group they did not expect to be in.  It can be  quite a leap to get into a higher group or some students experience anxiety if they find it difficult to keep up and are too embarrassed to ask for the help they need in class.


What we do:

  • At Intuition each student works on their own individual programme. 
  • There is no large group to feel intimidated by and no pressure to keep up with someone else. 
  • Your child will work at their own pace and is given the time to gain confidence in their own abilities,.
  • They will practice skills and related questions until they feel comfortable with each topic. 
  • They are prepared to be able to take on new challenges and achieve their true potential.