Tuition for Home Learners


If your child is not attending school and learning from home and you are teaching them yourself, there may be subjects you enjoy teaching more than others. You may also feel a bit less confident about teaching some subjects more than others. We often find that maths is one of those subjects, like Marmite, that people either love or hate.   If you are in the second category and find maths quite challenging to teach, don't worry, we are here to help.


Maths is one of the two most important subjects that your child needs to learn alongside English in the UK.  They are the basic requirements for professional careers and are essential skills for life.  By using our tutors to take care of these essential subjects, you can relax and be confident that your child is in safe hands as all our tutors are qualified and experienced teachers. With our tuition, when the time comes,  we can arrange for your child to prepare and take the qualifications that they will need in the future.



How does online tuition work?

This is one of our students with our Lead Tutor, Richard, demonstrating a maths session online.


The student and tutor are each working from their own copies of the same text book. We will send your child a copy of the TeeJay book for the level they are working on in maths. 


The tutor is using  a writing tablet so the student can see what the tutor is writing on their own screen in real time. In the demonstration the student explains to the tutor how she has worked out the answer and the tutor writes it on the pad so it appears on screen for both the tutor and the student to see.  This allows the student to mentally process the information and usually helps them to see where they may have made an error.  The light bulb moment! 

If the student still needs help, the tutor guides them to be able to see the issue.


We often include two students in a session, so the children are more relaxed. This gives them a chance to learn when to ask for help and gain confidence in working alongside others. Each student has plenty of one-to-one tutoring and the tutor will give them extra support, if they get stuck.


Why use Intuition?


Of course, there are plenty of tutors out there who will help your child with their maths and English; so why choose Intuition?


Judging by comments from our delighted customers, it seems that some of the common answers to this question are:

  • Many parents are appreciative of the support and expertise of a qualified and experienced teacher and understand the skills required to teach youngsters, particularly after the experience of home teaching during lockdown, 
  • They are confident that their children will be consistently tutored in the subject by one tutor.  No constant changing of staff or times.
  • Parents find that their children enjoy tuition, even if school had not been a good experience for them.  They are often amazed at how quickly their sons or daughters gain in self-confidence.
  • Having another student in the session provides a fun, social aspect to the work.


What do I do next?


If you'd like to have a chat with one of our tutors about your child's specific situation and what you'd like to do to help them, just give Heidi a call on 07985332008.  Heidi will arrange a time that suits both you and the tutor for a ZOOM chat to discuss how best to help and support your child.  This consultation is free and there is absolutely no commitment to join us since you and the tutor may decide that a different solution would be more appropriate for you.