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English - Extract The Facts


At high school your child will be expected to glean information and extract facts from reports, experiments and other exercises and present them clearly and logically. This requires good literacy skills. 


These skills are central to the National 4 and National 5 courses and are necessary to show their understanding in all subjects.


Maths -Getting It Right The First Time


Would you love to help your child to keep up and thrive in maths?  With one of our skilled and experienced tutors, your child will soon lose their fear of maths. Instead of suffering from maths stress, they will quickly gain confidence and maybe even start to enjoy it.  

If maths is their thing, we can ensure that they stay challenged and not lose their passion to achieve.


Your child will make rapid progress as all our tutors are qualified teachers who are highly experienced in working with the Scottish curriculum. So if your child is being put into groups ready to start their high school path or are preparing for their National 5 or Higher exams, we can help.


Why tuition in small groups instead of a 1-to-1 tutor builds confidence


Your child will follow their own, individual study plan based on their particular strengths and needs and the requirements of the curriculum.  They will work on this plan under the watchful eye of the tutor within the study group environment where there will be a maximum of two other learners online, each working on their own study plan. Working hard and learning rapidly in this study group environment will help your child to get used to asking for help and learning from their mistakes.  This gives them the confidence to ask their teacher for help when they are in school.  This means that not only will your child's maths benefit from their tutor time, but learning in school will be boosted too.


Does your child have the skills to succeed?


Our tutors are qualified and experienced in developing the skills your child requires. We will help your child to be ready to gain these skills that are necessary in all the subjects they study and meet all the challenges your son or daughter will face in their learning.



 "Not only has my son's English work improved but he got a really high mark in his science exam because at last he is now reading the questions properly."


Jamie's Mum, Inverkip


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