Online Maths and English Tuition
For All Ages

Why Intuition


With Intuition you will be reassured that not only is your child's tutor a qualified and experienced teacher, but they will:

  • be very familiar with the Scottish curriculum.
  • use materials with which your child is familiar, such as the Teejay maths books they use in school.
  • be reliable. You know that their tutor will be there at the right time for  your child.
  • build a great rapport with your child, helping them to grow in confidence and even learn to enjoy the subject!



What is the Intuition system?


For over a year now, Intuition has been an entirely online service. Compared to the previous in-class system that we have used for the twelve years before, the youngsters and their parents have commented on the practical benefits of the online provision, such as:


  • the comfort and convenience of working from home instead of having to face the elements whilst racing around trying to get your child there on time.
  • no need for the parents to 'hang around, twiddling their thumbs' trying to entertain younger siblings, whilst waiting for the session to end.

           The benefits in learning are that:

  • the tutor can see the student working and can see immediately when there is a problem to resolve.
  • the process of the student giving the explanation to the tutor deepens the student's learning and understanding of the topic. This is particularly so in maths, when the student explains to the tutor how they have reached their answer to a question.
  • instead of having four students in each session,  two students now have the full attention of the tutor in each session.
  • the fixed weekly timetable enables each student to build a rapport with the other student in their pair thus making the  whole process a more enjoyable experience, although they are each working on their own individual programme.


To see how online tuition works, take a look at Intuition in Action....


 So how do I set up the tuition sessions?

 It's easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Call Heidi on 07985332008 and she will work out who would be our best tutor to help your child.
  • You and your child will have a Zoom chat with this tutor to discuss how we can best overcome your specific concerns. You can both get to know the tutor and to ask them any questions about how they will work with you.
  • We will arrange for the appropriate text books to be sent out to you and Heidi will arrange a suitable time slot for your weekly tuition sessions.


Your first session is completely free while you make sure that your child is comfortable and happy with their tutor.


All our tutors are qualified and experienced teachers who are approved by

Disclosure Scotland.


Call Heidi today on 07985 332 008 to book your first free session or to find out more about how we can help your child.