Returning To School


Now that it looks as though there are the first signs of a return to school, hopefully in March in Scotland, it's a great time to prepare for the practicalities of how that will work, especially for S4's and S5's who should be taking their National 5 and Higher exams.


The schools will be very keen to get as much evidence as possible for every student to make sure that they can justify their teacher assessed grades so I think there will be a lot of testing to be done in order to generate this evidence.  With this in mind, my advice for all of these students is:



  1. Ask your teachers whether there will be tests, prelims etc. soon after the school returns.
  2. Find out exactly what topics will be in these tests.
  3. Write up a revision plan to cover these topics leading up to the assessment date.  Include times to practice past paper questions within your plan.

 Work through the plan, keeping an eye on any emerging news about school return dates.

 Return to school relaxed and confident that you are prepared and ready for your assessments!                             I think that schools will be quite hectic when they reopen so any preparation that you can do in advance             will be time well spent.