How Online Tuition Works

Online Tuition in Action



This is one of our students with Richard, our Lead Tutor, demonstrating a maths tuition session online.


The tutor and student are each working from their own copies of the same text book.  We will send your child a copy of the TeeJay book for the level they are working on. These text books are used in most schools, so they will be familiar to your son or daughter.


The tutor is using a writing tablet so the student can see what the tutor is writing on their own screen in real time.


In the above demonstration the student explains to the tutor what she has done and the tutor writes it on the pad so it appears on screen for both the tutor and the student to see.  This allows the student to mentally process the information and usually enables them to see where they may have made an error.


The light bulb moment!


Our sessions are tailored to the student’s strengths and weaknesses, so they can learn at their own pace. Each student receives a specific, personal learning plan.


We don’t just teach children and teenagers the skills they need to succeed in school, we also help them grow their confidence.


We often include two students in a session, so the children are more relaxed. This gives them a chance to learn when to ask for help and gain confidence in working alongside others. Each student has plenty of one-to-one tutoring, and the tutor will give them some extra support, if they get stuck.


All of our tutors are qualified and experienced teachers registered and approved by Disclosure Scotland.