Practical life skills for your teenager


How effectively can your son or daughter manage these essential life skills?

  • Write an effective CV and covering letter to apply for a job.
  • Complete an application form to apply for a course.
  • Manage household bills.
  • Understand loans and mortgages to get the best deals.
  • Measure a wall to calculate how much wallpaper and paint to buy.
  • Use public transport with confidence to travel around the country.

Whilst working as a support worker, a lecturer and then a senior lecturer in FE colleges, I knew many youngsters who gained excellent vocational qualifications but who seemed to have missed out on learning essential life skills. The key skills of literacy and numeracy are taught on FE courses, but often within the context of their subject rather than other areas of life.

 This made me realise that just by putting one hour a week of their spare time into developing these skills, many young people really can make a significant difference to the quality of their early adult lives.


If your son or daughter is coming to the end of their time in high school and are preparing for their next steps, the Practical Life Skills Programme is a great opportunity for you to help build their confidence in making the most of every day situations.


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