About Us

Who are we - the Intuition Story


Intuition is a group of highly professional, patient and understanding teachers who love to see their students build up their skills and succeed in maths.  All our tutors have specialist areas particularly for students who are at exam stages.


We deliver top quality maths tuition and coaching online to students across Scotland to build on their school learning and to help improve their confidence in these subjects.



                   Richard - Lead Tutor



I have had the privilege of teaching for most of my adult life, even as a teenager I instructed rock climbing to youngsters at a summer camp in North Wales. This experience led me to train as a teacher and my first job was as Geography teacher in a secondary school in Manchester. During this time I gravitated towards helping and supporting those who were having difficulties with their learning. As a result, I retrained into supported learning and went on to work in a variety of schools ranging from secondary schools and colleges to highly supported residential schools in England, Wales and Scotland.


Working in supported learning at the then James Watt College in Greenock, I was quickly promoted to the post of Senior Lecturer, a role which enabled me to work closely with students to identify their specific needs and to arrange the most appropriate support for them. After a decade in this area, when the college staffing was restructured and my role became more remote from teaching, I decided to set up a tuition business which would enable me to use my teaching skills to help students face the challenges of school.


Alongside tutoring students through Intuition, I am now a 'Super Tutor' for Targeted Provision, who are currently addressing the needs of students throughout the UK. This is a great opportunity to broaden my experience in supporting and helping pupils each day.



Heidi - The Management


Being part of the Intuition Team is playing to our strengths and Heidi's strength is definitely the managing of our tuition arrangements, our tutors and our students.  She has many years experience working in schools, colleges and universities in England, Wales and Scotland and has worked in varying areas such as employment, media, health and finance, but her focus is now education.


Heidi will be your first contact, she will be ready to listen to your concerns and answer your initial enquiry. She will arrange the most suitable tutor for your son or daughter and be your first point of call if you have any queries. 


Initially, we set up the business within the Kip McGrath franchise with a Tuition Centre in Greenock.  This was useful in that it helped us to gain the confidence and experience to tutor students, but we soon realised that this 'system' wasn't meeting the needs of each individual student in the most effective way, so we left the franchise and set up independently as Intuition.


This change proved to be very successful and we soon opened three more Centres in Largs, Helenburgh and Irvine which thrived.


Then Covid came along..!  Between the lunch time announcement that our Centres must close and the evening tuition sessions for that day, our whole business moved online using Zoom.  Initially we thought this would be a temporary arrangement for the lockdown period, but it quickly became apparent that this arrangement was much more effective than face to face tuition, so our temporary arrangement has become permanent. Hence Intuition, the online tuition service, was born.


We are delighted to announce the we are the winners of the Prestige Award for our tutoring service for the second year running.