S1 to S3 English Tuition

Largs, Greenock and Helensburgh 


Help your child to build their English skills and gain confidence

before their exam years


English Tuition S1-S3

We all need to have good communication skills.  The early years in high school are the time when your

child will refine their talents and build on the basics that they learned in  primary school.  As well as being

essential for the National 5 English exam in S4, these literacy skills, such as essay writing, comprehension,

sentence construction and  grammar are vital in many subject areas.


How can  I help my child?

There are many possible reasons why your child's literacy skills might need some  improvement, but

whatever the reason, we can help you. Using a combination of paper based activities, computer work and

1-1 tuition our qualified teachers will identify any areas in need of improvement and quickly get to work in

helping to overcome these barriers.


Growing Confidence

Your child will soon become more confident in their writing and their ability to really understand more

complex text.  This confidence will then underpin their success in the fourth year exams and set them up

for the rest of school and beyond.


How do I know if my child will benefit?

Bring your child along for a free, no commitment chat with one of our tutors.  You can discuss your child's

situation and the tutor will explain, if appropriate, how they can help.  If they feel like it, your child may also

do a quick, informal assessment to give even more clarity about their needs.


At the end of this first meeting, you and the tutor will discuss and agree the best course  of action to help

your child. 


So what do I do now?

To set up a meeting with the tutor, give Heidi a ring on 07985332008 and she will answer any initial queries

you may have and arrange a convenient time and date for the meeting.