Primary 6 and Primary 7

Getting Ready for High School

Help your child make a great start to high school

Is your son or daughter in P6 or P7 just now?


We all know that primary school is where our children build the foundations for their future success in high school and beyond.  We also know how important it is for them to be confident in their essential maths and English skills which are so vital for their transition into the next stage of their learning.  Having these skills will help them to be placed in the upper groups at high school alongside other well-motivated pupils.


If your child is approaching the end of their primary school years and the beginning of high school is getting closer by the day, you can be sure that their teachers will be doing everything possible to prepare them for the move.  Many parents can become anxious at this time though because they feel that their children don’t quite have the basic maths and English skills that they will need.


It’s a busy time for everyone.

Just at the very time when you want your child to really get to grips with their learning, there are lots of other pressures on their time; for example, they will have several transition days at the academy, they have their residential trip and they have to prepare for their leaver’s assembly.


So, what can I do?

Of course, all parents try hard to help their children to learn the skills that they need, however, for various reasons, this doesn’t always work too well. For this reason, we find that lots of parents approach us at this time in their children’s school lives for some help and reassurance.  

How can Intuition help?

Our experienced primary and secondary teachers know exactly what your child needs to know at this stage.  They also know exactly how to help them to achieve this. Working intensively in a small group (max 4) your child will quickly gain those essential skills and be well prepared for the big move to the new school.


Sounds great, what do I do now?

You choose, either give Heidi a call and arrange a time to come in and have a chat with one of our tutors. This will give you the opportunity to share your concerns about your child’s progress and discuss future plans. If you’d prefer to get straight into action, you and Heidi can arrange a suitable time for you to bring your child into one of the sessions and get started straight away.