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 Get The Basics Right

 If your child struggles with basic literacy, everything else will be more difficult for them until they can master these skills.


Recognise The Signs

 If getting your child to read is a challenge, to learn spelling test words is a battle or getting homework done is stressful for all concerned, maybe your child needs a little extra help.


How We Can Help

  We will build your child's confidence and ability in:

  • reading
  • writing
  • spelling 
  • grammar

 We will give your child the time they need to grasp the foundations and build up their blocks of learning to ensure there are no gaps in their knowledge for this particular stage in their education.


Via Zoom, we are able to provide face to face, realtime tuition, so your child can talk to the tutor directly and the tutor will be able to give your son or daughter the individual attention they need to help them with their learning.


What do I do now?

Give Heidi a call on 01475 789387 and arrange a time to meet up online and have a chat with one of our tutors. This will give you the opportunity to share your concerns about your child’s progress and discuss future plans. If you would like to go ahead with tuition, we then arrange a regular time for your child to meet up with their tutor online to help them progress.

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