Online, face-to-face tuition with qualified teachers

Secondary school English tuition

Building on the basics


Your child will have learned their basic literacy skills in primary school; once these skills are in place, they are ready to build on these skills towards the level that will be needed in their exam years. During English lessons in S1-S3 your child will learn to:

  • Study and appreciate literature through close reading.
  • Create and produce their own written texts.
  • Listen to other people and speak to a group with confidence.



So, how will Intuition help my S1, S2 or S3 child?


Of course, every child is at their own unique stage in their learning journey.  Your child's tutor will take the time to find out exactly where they have reached so far and if there are any gaps in their basic skills that must be sorted out first of all.  Once these gaps have been filled, the tutor will help your child in areas such as:

  • Reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation
  • Critical reading
  • Persuasive writing
  • Essay planning & structure, use of sentences, paragraphs etc



The key areas with which we can help:


  • Writing
  • Sentence construction
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Essay writing

Our online face-to-face Secondary School English lessons will help your child or teenager become more confident in their skills and improve their grades. Our tutors teach in conformity with the Curriculum For Excellence and are registered and approved by Disclosure Scotland.

How it works


Our qualified tutors will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a personal study plan for them. This flexible, tailored plan will close any knowledge gaps your child may have and build upon their skills. 


Once the plan is finalised, your child will get:

  • Weekly, interactive live video sessions via Zoom with their tutor
  • Your child and their tutor will work on interactive shared documents which they can both work on in real time allowing the tutor to immediately identify any issues as they arise
  • A homework task which will reinforce that week's learning

 To find out how our online secondary school English tuition programme will help your child, call Heidi on 01786 897008 and remember, the first session is free.