Primary English Tuition in

Largs, Greenock, Helensburgh and Paisley

Make sure your child leaves primary school with the literacy skills that they need to be able to really succeed at high school.

Learning to read and write effectively are two of the most important skills that your child will ever learn.  Some children seem to pick these skills up very easily while others find them more difficult.  If you would like to raise the level of your child's literacy skills before they leave primary school, please contact us here at Intuition.


The Intuition Solution

Your child will follow a personalised plan based on their particular strengths and weaknesses. We will design this plan firstly to enable them to fill in any gaps in their skills and then to tackle new topics with confidence. Using a mix of paper-based and online resources, your child will soon improve their reading, comprehension, spelling and grammar.

Working in a small study group with a maximum of three other learners, your child will make rapid progress and gain confidence very quickly.  Each student works on their own study plan so there is no sense of trying to keep up with the others or feeling left behind.


What about Dyslexia

If your child has a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, they will be in safe hands. Our tutors all have considerable experience of helping youngsters with additional needs and will ensure that your child will the best possible progress.


Why is this better than one-to-one tuition?

Working in a small group like this has three big advantages:

  1. Learners get used to seeing other people asking for help so they become more comfortable to do the same.  This willingness to ask for help then transfers to the school classroom which boosts their learning there too.
  2. The tutor is not 'breathing down their necks' all the time so your child will be more relaxed while they learn.
  3. Each student has plenty of time for the one-to-one teaching that they need and time to practice the skills with tutor support if they get stuck.