Primary English Tuition Online 

Getting the basics right


Literacy is the essential skill that underpins your child's progress in all of their school subjects. It’s vital that your child can read and understand a wide variety of types of text, write clearly, spell accurately and build a wide vocabulary. 


If you notice that your child is struggling to complete their homework, is getting low grades or seems to avoid reading or writing, we can help. 


Our qualified and experienced teachers will help your son or daughter with their particular needs.  Whether this helps them get off to a flying start in their early years or builds their skills in upper primary to prepare for the move to High School, you know your child will be in safe hands.

The key areas where we can help are:


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension


Your child's online, face-to-face English lessons will help them to become more confident and improve their grades. Our teacher qualified tutors cover the Curriculum For Excellence and are all registered and approved by Disclosure Scotland.



How it works


Your child's teacher-qualified tutor will identify their strengths and weaknesses before developing a personal study plan for them. This flexible, tailored plan will close any gaps your child may have in their knowledge and build upon their existing skills. 


With Intuition your child will:

  • receive weekly, face-to-face, live sessions via Zoom with their tutor.
  • work with their tutor on interactive shared documents which they can use in real time allowing the tutor to immediately identify any issues that may arise.
  • receive a homework task which will reinforce that week's learning and build their confidence in the topic.



To find out how our online primary school English tuition will help your child, call Heidi on 07985 332008 and remember,

the first session is free.


Andrew P5

'Andrew was losing his confidence as he had slipped into the bottom reading group in school.  With Richard's help, after a couple of months, he has moved up two sets and is now heading for the top set. Andrew is really proud of himself and is enjoying reading again - thank you so much Richard.'

Mrs P, Andrew's mum, Greenock