Online, face-to-face tuition with qualified teachers

Primary school English online tuition

Getting the basics right

Literacy is an essential skill that will help your child in all other school subjects. It’s important that your child can read easily, write clearly and acquire a wide vocabulary. 


If you notice that your child is struggling to complete their homework or is getting low grades, we can help.


We offer online tuition for Scottish School Primary English:

  • Primary English P1 
  • Primary English P2
  • Primary English P3
  • Primary English P4
  • Primary English P5
  • Primary English P6
  • Primary English P7

The key areas with which we can help:


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension


Our online, face-to-face Primary School English lessons will help your child become more confident and improve their grades. Our tutors teach in conformity with the Curriculum For Excellence and are registered and approved by Disclosure Scotland.

How it works


Our qualified tutors will identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a personal study plan for them. The tailored plan aims to close any knowledge gaps your child may have and strengthen their skills. 


Once the plan is finalised, your child will get:


  • A weekly lesson plan
  • Regular, interactive live video sessions via Zoom
  • Paper-based and online learning materials
  • Homework with real time feedback via shared documents


Try our online primary School English tuition programme; the first lesson is free. Call Heidi on 01786 897008 to book your session.

Olivia, P6


Olivia's mum felt that she was struggling to read at the level of her age group. A few lessons with an Intuition tutor brought her back up to speed.

However, her tutor spotted that where Olivia needed help more was with her understanding of maths. We tutored Olivia until her S2 year, when, after a lot of hard work, she could tackle any maths problem she came across. Olivia completed her National 5 Maths and English successfully and went on to study higher maths.