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Making Sure Your P6 or P7 Child has strong foundations in literacy.

Learning to read and write effectively are two of the most important skills that your child will ever learn.  Some children seem to pick these skills up very easily while others find them more difficult. 


If you would like to raise the level of your child's literacy skills to gain strong foundations before they leave primary school, we are here to help.


Your child will follow a personalised plan based on their particular strengths and weaknesses.  We will design this plan firstly to enable them to fill in any gaps in their skills and then to tackle new topics with confidence.


  • Using a paper-based and online resources, your child will soon improve their reading, comprehension


  • Working in small study group with a maximum of two other learners, your child will make rapid progress and gain confidence very quickly.
  • Each student works on their own study plan so there is no sense of trying to keep up with the others or feeling left behind. 
  • Your child has the opportunity to learn at their own pace and understanding.

What do I do now?

 Give Heidi a call on 07985332008 and arrange a time to meet up online and have a chat with one of our tutors. This will give you the opportunity to share your concerns about your child’s progress and discuss future plans. If you would like to go ahead with tuition, we then arrange a regular time for your child to meet up with their tutor online to help them progress.


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Olivia- P6

Olivia's mum felt that Olivia was struggling to read at the level of her age group. After a few tuition sessions  this was quickly resolved.

However, her tutor spotted that where Olivia needed help more was with her understanding of maths. Olivia received tuition with Intuition until her S2 year where by working hard, her confidence had grown in her own ability to tackle any maths problem she came across. Olivia went on to be successful in her National 5 maths and English and she went on to study higher maths.