English Tuition 

 Largs, Greenock, Helensburgh and Paisley



'Not only has my son's English work improved but he got a really high mark in his science exam because at last he is now reading the questions properly. '

Mrs W, Largs

Primary English

Get the Basics Right


If your child struggles with basic literacy, everything else will be more difficult for them until they can master these skills.


Recognise The Signs


If getting them to read is a challenge, to learn spelling test words is a battle or getting homework done is stressful for all concerned, maybe your child needs a little extra help.


How We Can Help


We will build your child's confidence and ability in:

  • reading
  • writing
  • spelling 
  • grammar

We will give them the time they need to grasp the foundations and build up their blocks of learning to ensure there are no gaps in their knowledge for this particular stage in their education.

Secondary English


Extract The Facts


At high school your child will be expected to glean information and extract facts from reports, experiments and other exercises and present them clearly and logically. This requires good literacy skills. 


These skills are central to the National 4 and National 5 courses and are necessary to show their understanding in all subjects.


Getting It Right The First Time


Does your child have the skills to succeed?


Our tutors are qualified and experienced in developing the skills your child requires. We will help them be ready to gain these skills that are necessary in all the subjects they study and meet all the challenges they will face in their learning.