Intuition in Action

Online English tuition for all Primary and Secondary School levels.

Your child can have English tuition for the most appropriate level for them, whether this is primary or secondary school, National 5 or Higher level.  We currently provide this service online using ZOOM.


  Primary English

Primary English tutoring covers all of the primary years and reinforces the essential basic skills of:

  • reading, writing & spelling
  • vocabulary development
  • punctuation & grammar
  • comprehension
We place particular emphasis on comprehension because this is such a fundamentally important skill, not just for literacy but in all school subjects (and                                                    life in general). 



Secondary English

Secondary (S1 to S3) English tuition reinforces and builds on the basic literacy skills that your child learned at primary school. This enables them to build excellent  communication skills which will be so essential for them in school and later life. Your child will improve skills in:

  • sentence construction
  • grammar
  • comprehension
  • essay writing
  • close reading
  • speaking and listening


National 5 and Higher English

National 5 (Nat5) and Higher English tuition help your teenager through their senior years at school where the level of literacy expectations increase significantly. Their personalised sessions build confidence and cover topics such as:

  • critical reading and understanding
  • textual analysis and evaluation
  • essay & creative writing
  • Scottish texts
  • Exam practice and preparation
  • Portfolio building



One great way to ensure success in the exams is to start tuition early and to treat the prelims as if they are the real thing. This gives your teenager and their tutor the time to work out which revision methods works best for them.  The specialist tutors use past SQA exam papers and a revision plan to help their students to be thoroughly prepared  and ready for the big day (or ongoing assessments in 2021.)