Professional Tuition in English and Maths

Give your child confidence in English and maths to help them succeed and be happy in school


How you can help your child to be their very best in school?


Do you sometimes ask yourself any of these questions?

  • Do you have a feeling that your child is doing okay in school but that they could be doing  much better?
  • Does your child not have the confidence to put their hand up in class to ask for help?
  • Are you worried that their precious years in school are racing by and they might be missing out on some of the essentials?
  • Is homework becoming more difficult for you to help them with?

We speak to many parents who share these concerns and who feel that their children are losing confidence in themselves as a result.


So, what can I do about it?

 Of course, the first thing to do is simply ask your child how they feel about their progress is school. This will often lead to an enlightening conversation. If you feel that you need to know a bit more about the situation then speak to their teacher(s), either at a parent's evening or make an individual appointment.

If you then feel, that despite the best efforts of the school, you would like to arrange some extra help for your child then give us a call.


The Intuition Solution

 Intuition's experienced teachers, who are all registered and approved by Disclosure Scotland and hold PVG certificates, will tutor your child in a group with a maximum of three other students.  Within that group, each child works through their own individual learning plan which has been designed specifically for them.  Working in a small group like this, each student benefits from one to one tuition and the time to practice their skills with expert help on hand when the need arises.  Not only will your child learn the specific skills that they need, they will also grow in confidence to ask for help from their teacher in school.


Why is this better than one-to-one tuition

Working in a small group like this has three big advantages:

  • Learners get used to seeing other people asking for help so they become more comfortable to do the same.  This willingness to ask for help then transfers to the school classroom which boosts their learning there too.
  • The tutor is not 'breathing down their necks' all the time so your child will be more relaxed while they learn.
  • Each student has plenty of time for the one-to-one teaching that they need and time to practice the skills with tutor support if they get stuck.


So, what do I do now?

 Usually, before tuition begins, you and your child will have a free consultation with the tutor to discuss your particular concerns and the current situation. The tutor will listen carefully and then suggest a possible course of action.