Revision Tips

For many this is the second week of the Easter holidays and after having had a well deserved break, it is time to plan your revision.


Here are a few tips that will get you started and will really help you make the most of your study time.


  • Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, find the time of day that suits you best.  Plan your study time to be during those hours and make the best use of this time.  If afternoons don't work for you, use that time to have a break, go for a walk, enjoy some fresh air and a change of scenery. Use the mornings and the evenings for studying.
  • Get your notes in order.  If you are studying a topic, make sure you have all the information in one place.  It is easy to get distracted or lose your train of thought if you are having to search in different places for what you need.
  • Don't just go over your notes, use past papers and practise actually doing questions.  You may know the topic off by heart, but you need to have lots of experience in applying what you know to the questions that are being asked.
  • Make sure the topics that you are studying are the ones that have been focussed on by your teachers.  They are the ones who will be writing your assessments/tests this year, not the SQA Examination Board, and will know what you will be questioned on.


The hardest step is getting started, so don't put it off, put these tips into practise now.  

Happy Revising.