National 5 Assessments 2021

Although exams as we know them are not taking place this year, national 5 students will be assessed in school in order to get their grade.


Know How

Although each school is working with the guidelines from the SQA, they are using their own discretion on how these assessments will take place.  Generally it seems that students will have an assessment on their return after the Easter holidays and a second assessment later on in the term.


Know When

Each school will be working to their own timetable, but make sure you know when the first of these assessments is due to take place.  You don't want to return after the holidays having to take an assessment during that first week that you are not prepared for.  It seems the results of this first assessment may also count or influence the final grade, so make the most of every opportunity to gain each mark.


Know Which

As each school is producing its own assessments, rather than these being provided by the SQA, any topic that is being emphasised by your teachers are more than likely going to be part of the assessment.  Make sure you are taking note of these topics.  Having a good understanding and being confident in these areas will be very much to your advantage.


Know What

Knowing a topic is one thing, but being able to apply it to an exam (or assessment) question is another.  Knowing what the question is asking of you often comes down to experience.  Using past papers to find out how topics are put into questions is a good way of finding out what the examiner is expecting you to understand.  It also gives you a good idea of what a question is worth.  Don't spend lots of time on a question that you might struggle with if it is only worth one or two marks.  You might find the next question much easier and be worth more marks.