Helping Our Children Manage Time


Helping Our Children Manage Time


As adults we generally have a pretty good sense of time, we know how long it takes to get ready in the morning, how long it takes to travel to work, how long it takes to mow the grass etc etc.  Effectively, we’ve developed an internal clock which has built up over time and experience. We often seem to expect our children to have been born with their own internal clock and we can become frustrated with them when they aren’t ready to leave the house on time or their homework has been left too late to hand in.


Helping our children to develop their own internal clocks benefits them in obvious ways so that they can become better organised and achieve higher grades in school but there are some less predictable gains for them too.  For example, research has shown that children who wear a watch and use a calendar go on more sleepovers with friends! The theory behind this connection is that children who are organised and are therefore in the right place at the right time are seen by their peers as being more reliable and therefore more trustworthy to have as good friends.


So, what can we do to help?  There’s no rocket science here, it’s all very predictable and simple yet beneficial for children of all ages (and adults!).  As is often the case, the theory is easy but the challenge lies in putting the theory into practice, if we can build some or all of these habits into our family lives then we will all feel the benefit:


  • Have a regular bedtime and going to bed routine.

  • Have a physical calendar in a prominent position in the house which you regularly check and update.

  • Follow consistent homework routines and read for pleasure.

  • Take part in regular activities after school.

  • Make their beds and keep their rooms organised.

  • Not using electronic devices in their rooms.


We do some but not all of these things in our family so I’m going to go through the list with them this weekend and hopefully we can all agree upon how to put them into action.  We will then use those habits for a month, see if we have been able to stick to them and see how things have changed.


We’ll see!!


Richard at Intuition