Online, face-to-face tuition with qualified teachers

English and maths Zoom sessions at all Scottish school levels


Our Scottish Curriculum based tutoring helps children reach their potential

Recognise the signs

Is your child:

  • Finding homework difficult or stressful?
  • Lacking confidence?
  • Getting below-average grades?
  • Anxious about an exam?

These are typical signs they need a little support. We can help them fill any skill or knowledge gaps they may have.

Why Intuition


  • Personalised learning
  • Instant feedback
  • National 5 exam guaranteed pass
  • All of our tutors are qualified teachers, registered and approved by Disclosure Scotland
  • The first session is free

How it works

  1. We do an initial evaluation via Zoom
  2. We give you a weekly lesson plan
  3. We will host regular, interactive sessions via Zoom (two students per session max)
  4. You will receive paper-based and online learning materials
  5. All homework will have real-time feedback via shared documents




  • The first session is free
  • One session per week: £31
  • Sibling packages are available: £28.50 per student per week
  • Multi-sessions for one student: £28.50 per session per week
  • For National 5 maths options:

              Gold:     £55 per weekly session

                                                                                          Silver:    £42 per weekly session

                                                                                          Bronze: £31 per weekly session