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Help your child to keep up with their learning

Despite the good work of the schools, are you concerned that your child may fall back during the school closures?


Are you worried that your son or daughter has too much catching up to do, particularly if they are:

  • moving for S4 to S5 and may have missed out on the grades they need due to not being able to take exams.
  • moving from S3 to S4 and are taking their National 5 exams next year.
  • in P6 and P7 and need to make sure that they have all the skills they need for starting high school.

Would you like help from a qualified teacher?  If so, online tuition can help your child.


 How does online teaching work?

Using Zoom,  your son or daughter will have:

  • face-to-face, realtime video tuition with their qualified teacher.
  • instant feedback from their teacher using shared documents online.
  • specialist reinforcement and back up for the work provided by your child's school.
  • regular lessons and homework to provide structure for your child's learning.

Fees reduced to help more parents

 The fees charged for tuition have been reduced in order to make the service as accessible as possible.  This enables parents to build a weekly timetable around more than one lesson or for siblings. 



  • one weekly session:                                                               £25
  • two or more sessions per week:                                      £23 each session
  • two or more siblings per week:                                      £23 each student
  • National 5 Maths Pass Guaranteed programme    £295 per month

  The initial session is free  while your child gets used to the system. Vacancies are limited due to the small group sizes and availability of our qualified teachers.


 Start helping your child now

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